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Dylan Whale

Christmas is Cancelled

Christmas is Cancelled

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*All proceeds from the SOLIDARITY WITH GAZA series will go to Gift of the Givers and other aid organisations offering humanitarian support in Gaza.

Christmas has been cancelled in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus.

In case anyone has forgotten, Jesus was a Palestinian, and from the Jewish tribe of Judah, he would be best placed to argue why Palestinian freedom and Jewish safety are symbiotic causes. He was also an activist that was not afraid to turn over tables, release doves and challenge the authority. Indeed the dove symbol of peace comes from this activism.

In “mourning and in honor” of Palestinians killed in Gaza, Bethlehem announced it will not be holding traditional festivities this year. The Lutheran Church staged a nativity scene to reflect the horrors of what is happening in Gaza.

Although I am not religious, nor a Christian I draw deeply from Christ consciousness and honour that he was a political activist who fought against systems of oppression. So, In solidarity with this brave Bethlehem church and their community, I have also chosen to boycott Christmas, and will not be celebrating it this year.

Rather I will be mourning the loss of life in Palestine, sitting shiva for the unthinkable thousands whose lives and freedom have been stolen, and asking every kindhearted and loving deity who will listen, to intervene in any possible way, to end the horrors of the occupation of Palestine, to stamp out any Islamophobia & antisemitism, and to ensure Jewish safety and Palestinian freedom are seen as unified causes by more and more inhabitants of this planet.

The Christmas tree, originally a pagan symbol of the power of the Firtree to survive the darkest and coldest winters and remain green, was celebrated in the winter solstice as a teacher of strength and resilience even in the hardest times. It later was included in Christian ceremonies, connected to Christ’s capacity to endure the worst of humanity, and transfigure beyond it.

My hope is that for those celebrating Christmas would replace the fir tree with an olive tree. Decorate it in your homes, and in the new year plant it in your garden or in a public space, a symbol of solidarity for life beyond this dark night of the soul of humanity.

Mourning Christmas to you all, may the olive trees grow out of the rubble.

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