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Dylan Whale

Sitting Shiva

Sitting Shiva

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Every person murdered in this genocide in Gaza is our collectively responsibility.

While we may feel helpless in the face of such horror, we cannot give up. Do not let politicians erase the suffering and the killing with their agendas. Palestinian freedom and Jewish safety- are not opposing forces.

End islamaphobia
End anti-semitism

Don’t let politicians and media weaponize fear. Don’t let the government of Israel speak for the Jewish world, don’t equate Hamas to Palestinians.

Keep speaking, keep calling for an end to the genocide. Keep looking- keep vigil.

The thought of children dying alone in pain under rubble, calling for help that arrives too late, are nightmares that bewilder and shake me out of my nest.

And when I fall out of the nest, I breathe - I talk to my beloveds, and then keep vigil. For me vigil is through drawing - holding the fever in my soul at bay by surfacing images of resistance.

Find a vigil practice and sit shiva until the genocide ends!


Mixed-Media archival print

Hahnemühle Fibre Matte Paper

297mm x 210mm

*Available for Pre-order


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