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Dylan Whale

Wet Ethnography

Wet Ethnography

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This peice was made as a response to reading "Wet Ethnographies" which critiques the over reliance on the metaphor of 'flow' in anthropology to describe globalisation, arguing that it often oversimplifies complex dynamics. While 'flow' was initially used to challenge assumptions about stability and boundaries, it neglected critical inquiries into the structures, agency, responsibility, and power influencing the direction of flows. I learned this Franz Krause (2014)'s work, where they emphasises a shift in anthropological focus towards material flows, particularly in more-than-human contexts. They explore the tangible movements of fish, mollusks, otters, sea lice, sediments, toxins, waters, and winds, moving beyond metaphorical discussions of globalisation. The term 'matterphors' is introduced to describe the intertwined nature of material and metaphorical flows, inspired by the concept of 'intra-action' proposed by philosopher Karen Barad. 'wet ethnographies,' revealing stories of fluid dispossessions in the intricate interplay of material and metaphorical flows.


Mixed-Media archival print

Hahnemühle Fibre Matte Paper

210mm x 297mm

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