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Dylan Whale

Green Tārā

Green Tārā

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*All proceeds from the SOLIDARITY WITH GAZA series will go to Gift of the Givers and other aid organisations offering humanitarian support in Gaza.


Green Tārā offers protection from all the unfortunate circumstances one can encounter within the samsaric world. She protects us from our own fear, and in many ways so much of what humanity is suffering from now is letting fear guide politicians, whether it’s to bomb and steal land, or to deny LGBTQ+ people their rights or to exclude immigrants and refugees access to safety, fear commands the will of our leaders at the moment. Yet some are driven by courage and love.

I am learning so much from Tibetan scholar Ben Joffe (@yesnooraspider)about Green Tārā, as I discovered I was drawing this image of her on Dakani Day, by chance? Or perhaps by intention to connect to a compassionate and powerful consciousness.

Dakani day is celebrated according to the changing moon phases I think on a 10 day cycle. Embodying the potential for change and growth in an ever expanding and widening expression of love.

One of her other qualities is to help us move across an expanse, acting as a bridge for consciousness towards compassion and love, but most of all to act with courage.

Her colour indicates healing, but is also associated with tough love, or better described as the kind of healing that requires drastic measures, how sometimes aggressive moves are needed to surgically remove a tumor for example.

I’m so proud of South Africa, taking Israel to court and holding accountable politicians suffering from malignant fear, acting with courage and love, calling for justice and surgically cutting out fear- fear that is causing so much destruction and pain.

There are many beloved people in my life who refuse to look at the news or give the war any of their energy, calling it “low vibration” or something like that - but I feel strongly, that political work, activism and finding new ways to promote justice is a deeply profound spiritual practice.

Some of our greatest spiritual leaders were also activists, for injustice begins in our minds and souls, and affects our consciousness in ways we are learning in leaps and bounds as we fight for a free Palestine.

Mixed-Media archival print

Hahnemühle Fibre Matte Paper

300mm x 300mm

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